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Dr. Nathan Kennedy has been known as a wave maker in the world of natural healing.  Being one of the first innovators of  utilizing                              myo-incorprotive-nerve training.  Dr. Kennedy has built a reputation of being one of the premiere natural health doctors in the world.

Dr. Kennedy built a chemical and solvent free nutrition manufacturing business at age 28. Pioneering the way to clean up how supplements and drugs are made. Pushing for healthier and cleaner health care products and innovating ways for companies to make cleaner products in health care. Doctor Kennedy also worked on research to help third world countries grow food with very little water. Doctor Kennedy Studied Trigenics with Dr. Alan Austin to learn the remarkably quick treatments of restoring and maintaining optimal function of shoulder, knee, wrist and joint function. Doctor Kennedy holds degrees in biology, chemistry, and achieved a doctorate from Parker University in Dallas Texas. Doctor Kennedy was involved in programs in Mexico City to bring natural health care to central Mexico.  Doctor Kennedy traveled around the northern hemisphere of the world meeting doctors, healers, and health coaches to find the best treatments in the world.  He is known for being ahead of the game on current research and programs aimed improving body function.  Dr. Kennedy has also worked with Professional NHL hockey players in increasing strength during and after their career with unique innovative techniques. Doctor Kennedy has also held multiple certifications in holistic blood testing, athletic performance, chiropractic, muscle facilitation, biochemical nutrition, mental health, and more. We know you will enjoy your time in our office as many patients keep wanting more and more health. Once we achieve health we can become addicted to it.  

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