Trigenics is a neurological based specialized treatment for muscle and joint optimization.  It is a fast, effective, and lasting procedure that changes the way the brain sends signals to your muscles. Watch a few videos below to learn more or make an appointment to have us make your life better. 


Shoulder Fix

Linda from Grand Junction: Hi Dr Kennedy. This is long over due but wanted to thank you for helping me heal my frozen shoulder.  I’m sending you a picture of my regained range of motion. It was taken around the end of June. I continued to use the rubbing on my leg and neck area as well as pounding with my finger tips on my thigh.Your technique is an amazing body work technique. I do not think my recovery would have been complete without it. I recently have offered help to someone with cancer of the humorous bone. Helping her regain some strength and lifting her arm I decided to use my very limited knowledge and tried the rubbing and pounding. She was able to raise her arm more after doing so.  My life really turned around after my shoulder improved. The time and effort was well worth it

Mary from Colorado Springs: I suffered from frozen shoulder for over 2 years. Did cortisone shots, physical therapy, massage, etc. Within one visit I restored full range of motion in my shoulder. My doctor, physical therapist, and family said there was no way this could work. I am  amazed and blessed that I found this treatment. Thank you so much Dr. Kennedy you have changed my life.  

Laura from Lafayette: I was told there was nothing I could do for my shoulder. Within one visit I restored full range of motion. I am so thankful for this treatment. Thank you Dr. Kennedy

James from Denver: I had knee pain for over 3 years diagnosed as popliteal syndrome. By the end of the treatment all the pain was gone. I wish more people knew about this. 

Tim from Los Angeles: Chronic knee pain for over 7 years. Pain is totally gone and now doing running again.  Thank you so much!

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